Good stories.

“It sits in my inbox like a little treasure, waiting for when I do have time to open it. I have had some of your letters stay in my inbox for months, being re-read and re-read, gifts each time I open them.”

— Dawn H.

“Profoundly beautiful.”

— Sharon C.

“Excellent and heartbreaking slash heart-opening.”

— Richard V.S.

“What you write is often beautiful and unexpected, and I think beautiful because it’s unexpected.”

— Lindsay M.

“Wow just wow.”

— Alexis E.

“Simply lovely and full of life.”

— Mary G.

“A continuous source of inspiration and introspection.”

— Joe A.

“Incredibly moving. … A gifted writer.”

— Deana D.

“One of the most moving pieces I have ever read.”

— Marty W.

“I find myself thinking about it later in quiet times throughout the day.”

— Lindsay M.

“Holy crap.”

— Alexis E.

“Your words are like perfume; they linger in the air.”

— William S.

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